Social Responsibility

Producing with responsibility

Nacional de Grafite Ltda. is the main economic activity in the communities where it operates and is aware of the responsibility that it has.

Social responsibility for us is the form of integrated management, ethics and transparency of our business and activities and of our relations with all stakeholders, promoting human rights and citizenship, respecting human and cultural diversity, preventing discrimination, degrading, child and slave work and contributing to the development and reduction of social inequality.

Discover some of the initiatives

  • 1

    Recreational club - GEGRAF in Itapecerica / MG.

  • 2

    June Festivals open to the participation of the Communities.

  • 3

    Internship program for recent college graduates or currently nearing completion, with exclusive times and a young learners program in partnership with the SENAI system - FIEMG.

  • 4

    Partnership with the government in assisting children with special needs.

  • 5

    Participation in conservation events of the History and Culture of the municipalities in which it operates.

  • 6

    Support for health, child and adolescent protection institutions.

  • 7

    Support the improvement of housing conditions in the population of Pedra Azul / MG.

  • 8

    Support to the Public Education System.

  • 9

    Prison Ministry - distribution of snacks to prisoners.